Bought a used Sony Xperia Z2 from John for 11k. I thought I was getting a good deal, since it was within my budget and everything else I needed was posted in the ad (openline, no issues, has charger & earphones, mostly smooth)

During the meetup at Megamall, John was 1 hour late. Take note, from Las Pinas pa ako. Pinalampas ko na since I just badly needed a new phone. I tested everything except the sim card, since I didn't have a Globe micro sim with me at that time. Tinanong ko lang si John, TWICE, kung openline yung phone. He said yes, I took his word for it. Before we parted sinabihan nya pa ako na if the phone has any issues within the next 5 days, I can return it to him.

Pagdating ko ng bahay I tested my Globe sim on the Z2. Humihingi ng sim unlock code, so hindi openline! I text John that the phone wasn't openline, he replied na mura lang naman daw magpa-openline. Next day I went to Greenhills and asked around. Openline costs 2000-2500. MURA?! REALLY?!

I called John and told him na I have to return the phone, since I couldn't afford to spend more on it (11k lang talaga budget ko, and to spend more than 1000 for openline is a stretch). He ignored my request for return and said he has a friend in Greenhills who can unlock the phone for less than 1000. He promised to text me next day nung details ng friend nya. Okay fine, I can wait one day, but I tell him na if he doesn't find me an openline service for 1000 ibabalik ko talaga yung phone. Next day John isn't responding. Pano ko to ibabalik kung hindi na sya nagrerespond?

I ended up having to pay 2000 for openline somewhere else. From 11k budget, I spent 13k on my phone instead - imbes na nakamura, napamahal pa. I bought the phone on July 29 and until now I still can't use it.

Here's a screenshot of the Z2 ad for proof, it clearly says OPENLINE there:

External Image

Don't buy from this guy unless alam ninyo bahay nya. If you get issues with your phone, you'll have a hard time finding him and returning your phone. Sinungaling, non-responsive, and overall not good value for money!