^so it will be 1k/month for the cashout (for 24 months) then 500/month for the plan. total of 1500/month.

i suggest you consider other plans with their cash out then divide it to the number of months, and divide the cashout price as well. then choose saan ka talaga makakamura ang masusulit.

24k outright cash payment and then 500 pesos/mo. for 24 months. hope it is clear na.

And thank you but I have considered all telco offers din actually and just like what you ended up computing, the lowest is at that plan which would amount to that.

Total payment (in 24 months)
LTE 2000= 60000
Unlisurf 999= 43176
Plan 500= 36000
LTE 1500= 46500
All-in 800= 40950
All-in 1200= 46550
All-in 1800= N/A
All-in 2500= 67750