Late feedback on an item I bought... Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505... Unit came from Globe and was advised it was already openline. Unit was working perfectly but I was having issue with Globe SIM, madalas mag No Service. Sabi ng seller "normal" lang daw kse ganun daw tlaga Globe. I tried isolating the issue myself by switching to a different SIM (Smart LTE Prepaid), no issue with a Smart SIM but No Service madalas sa Globe SIM ko. I borrowed my officemate's S4 on postpaid and switched SIM, pati yung postpaid SIM similar issue na No Service and my Globe SIM working perfectly on my friend's S4. So walang problem sa SIM, its with the unit...

I went to Samsung Service Center to have the unit I bought checked... as advised, may issue na sa firmware kse it was not properly unlock or used a 3rd party software to unlock the unit kaya may issue na sa signal ng Globe. I was advised to have the unit flashed with the original Globe firmware, problem is... they need the certification from Globe that the unit is still under warranty.

Sobrang hassle naman bro, in the first place sana nilagay mo na lng na may issue yung unit with Globe SIM. Madali naman akong kausap, basta sabihin lng sana kung anong totoong status ng unit.

Minsan mahirap din talaga mag tiwala kahit marami pang Positive feedback, basta maka benta lang talaga.

I can retract this Negative feedback for you, if you can have the unit fixed... Hindi ko magamit kse yung unit since I only use one SIM / Globe number.

First time I gave a negative feedback on TPC/TCP community, first time having this dissatisfied transaction.